ESXi 5.5U3b and SSLv3 – Always Upgrade vCenter First


Recently VMware put out an update to ESXi (5.5U3b) which many people found to be a little disruptive. In keeping tight with their numbering convention, they have muddied the waters on what exactly is allowed in a “minor” update. Due to security vulnerabilities in the SSLv3 architecture, VMware made the call (correctly if you ask me) to disable this feature, however they did so in a minor revision not even a proper ‘Update’. Which has left a lot of people clamoring for what to do when they run security patches in VUM or directly on their ESXi servers only to have them not come back when rebooted!! If you were unfortunate enough to have this situation happen to you, then you were probably very confused and a bit upset. If you would like more information on this particular issue check out this VMware KB

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