Log Insight Now Comes with vCenter

Log Insight

VMware vCenter Log Insight has been a staple of the vRealize suite since inception. Anyone using vRealize knows that Log Insight can be an invaluable tool in problem resolution. With all of the available plugins a full Log Insight installation is practically limitless in what it can monitor inside your infrastructure.

VMware has taken this great tool a step further, as of last month vCenter Log Insight is free for anyone who buys vCenter! There are some caveats to this obviously:

  • Each license of vCenter you own ¬†provides you with 25 OSI licenses which you can use to monitor 25 instances.¬†(yes existing owners get access to this as well, not just new purchases)
  • Only a single Log Insight node per vCenter license
  • Only one vSphere integration per Log Insight node
  • Only VMware content packs can be used (no third party)
  • Works with vCenter 5.5+ and ESXi 5.1+

Getting started is fairly simple:

1) Login to my.vmware.com and find the download here for Log Insight 3.3.1

2) Download the virtual appliance

3) Deploy the OVA

a) Requirements: 8GB RAM, 4 vCPU, Thick Provision 530GB, Thin 5.26GB (will grow with logs).

b) Provide the deployment wizard with the appropriate information (Name, IP, Subnet, Gateway, Password).

4) Once the OVA is deployed open a web browser and go to the IP or FQDN of the newly deployed appliance.

5) VERY IMPORTANT! Do not proceed without adding in the proper license key. There is no path from evaluation mode to the free 25 OSI mode. If you set up Log Insight in Eval mode you will need to start the deployment over.

a) For those running vCenter 5.5 the correct license key can be found on the my.vmware.com download page under the “VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3.1 for vCenter Server – Virtual Appliance” Read More section.

b) For those running vCenter 6 you can simply use your vCenter license.

6) Next setup the configuration for Log Insight to connect to vCenter.

7) Lastly, go to the Agents section of the admin portion of the site. Select the proper agent type for your vCenter installation then download it and install the Agent on your vCenter instance.

Now that you have Log Insight up and running you can see all of your host and vCenter logs in one place!