Career Shift and Re-Dedication to Blogging

Changes Happen

Back in March of this year I was approached with an intriguing opportunity. Happy in my career at Hatco Corporation as the resident IT Manager/Admin I was stunned by a call that changed the direction of mine and my wife’s life. The idea of changing not only employers but also the trajectory of my career was something that, until that moment, hadn’t even crossed my mind.

The Sharp Left Turn

The call I received was from my, at the time VMware Rep Justin. He informed me of a position opening at VMware for a field Solutions Engineer position. Less than a week later I found myself in a flurry of interviews, eventually landing the in-person interview at the VMware Austin, TX office.

What lay before me was a choice, do I take the opportunity with VMware and change my role from the IT Manager/Admin to a Pre-Sales Technical role? Do I stay in Milwaukee, WI where I had built a comfortable and familiar life, or do I uproot my wife and pup to move to Chicago, IL? How would the increased travel impact my life and family? How will this impact my relationship with Wisconsin VMUG?

I always told myself that I would stop and listen if I felt like the universe was talking to me. The way this decision appeared, the things that lined up, the amazing capability of understanding from my wife. It all seemed to be pointing in the same direction. So back in April of 2018 we made the plunge, moved to Chicago and accepted the position at VMware. Since then I have been drinking from the proverbial fire hose. Trying to find my feet in the newer, larger world I have been thrust into.

Moving forward

During this transition my activity on this blog has been sorely lacking. That is something I am going to change! Moving forward you can expect a more regular blog cadence on the newest and best stuff coming from VMware.

So far the transition has been great and all of my VMware colleagues have been beyond helpful. The culture here and the EPIC2 values driving that culture are refreshing and truly visible everywhere you look. And as for VMUG, you can expect to see me present even more!