VMworld 2018 How to Plan

Having been to the previous 8 VMworld conferences you pick up bits along the way. The sheer amount of noise and volume of choice at VMworld can be highly intimidating to new attendees and in the opposite vein can be a daunting mountain to climb for returning alumni. So…

Where to start?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Once you’ve Registered check out the Schedule Builder! There are 1129 available sessions at VMworld this year and while that can be a daunting number, you can easily use the Schedule Builder to choose a specific track and narrow down the options to what is interesting and exciting to you. Coming to learn more about how to empower your digital workspace? Use the filter to focus specifically on those related breakouts. If the one that you want is full you can still get there early to hop in the stand bye lane! 

Got Sessions? Great! How do you get there?

The Mandalay Bay Conference area can be a bit maze-like. Understanding how to get where you need to go is paramount to maximizing your time during the conference. 

Contact your VMware Team

Know who your Account Executive and/or Solutions Engineer are? Reach out and ask them for help! Special sessions, NDA breakouts, Direct Business Unit access are all things that you can schedule through your VMware account team. 

Use Your Resources

Are you a VMUG member? Enjoy some relaxing time in their member lounge in VMvillage and mingle with other VMUG members! Or find yourself a vTrail Map to help guide you through the Virtualization Blogosphere! 

Get Hands On

Join the thousands of attendees who will be rolling up their sleeves in the Hands On Labs. Self-paced or instructor lead labs provide you the flexibility to learn at your own speed. Or come to get your next VMware certification with discounts up to 50% off the normal exam pricing!

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

One of the hidden gems of VMworld is the amazing capability to network with all kinds of different people. Networking with the right people can mean the difference between having an OK conference and a business altering, game changing event!

Bring Your Significant Other!

VMworld doesn’t have to be time away from your significant other. Spousetivities are activities specifically designed to entertain those who may want to come along but don’t necessarily get a kick out of the breakouts. Make the week fun for everyone!

Let Loose!

Nothing like blowing off some steam at the end of a long week filling your brain to the brim. VMware knows that and to show their appreciation for their customers. This year the Royal Machines are headlining. 

Just make sure you leave enough brain cells in tact to remember all the cool stuff you learned! Take it from me (the guy in this picture)